About us

Mission Statement

Lockem Reality is a Virtual Reality development company, dedicated towards making unique and marketable games as well as exclusive content for our customers. At Lockem Reality we find the material available to VR consumers limiting and does not show the full potential of the industry. We work to be defined by our quality so that when people spend their money on our games, they know it is worth every penny. Our objectives as a company is to solve content problems in the industry, provide indispensable services to clients, and show anyone who uses our products and content the full array of opportunities Virtual Reality has to offer.

About Us

At Lockem Reality Inc. our objectives are always to make the best product, that the best idea always wins and that the job gets done right the first time. These are not original ideas but few do them correctly, and that’s our defining feature. From conception to release the mission is to build something that stands out and holds up, whether that pressure be from scrutiny or time.

Virtual Reality is an inspiring technology that pushes the limits of what we think is possible. At Lockem Reality we push the limits of the technology in the games and content we create. If you need a concept that isn’t just a decades old game repackaged, we can provide it to you. We create interactive content that can enhance your business and brands.

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